20 Apr 2012

Raise the bar

Research has shown that consuming a small bar of dark chocolate everyday can reduce blood pressure in individuals with high BP.

Dark chocolate can also reduce LDL (“bad”) cholesterol by up to 10 per cent. This doesn’t mean you eat a box daily.

Chocolate is still a high-calorie, high-fat food. Most studies conducted so far used no more than 100gm of chocolate a day to figure out its nutritional benefits. We sift out the nutritional facts about your favourite bar with the help of nutritionist Dr Sonia Kakar.

Grab these

Milky Way (a 100gm bar) 452 calories; 16.7gm fat; 3.5gm protein; 71.4gm carbohydrates; 0.0gm fibre (Calories in 26gm: 117kcal)

Celebrations (100gm) 437.5 calories; 18.8gm fat; 0.0gm protein; 75gm carbohydrates; 0.0gm fibre (Calories in 8gm: 36kcal)

Mars (a 100gm bar) 452 calories; 17.5gm fat; 4.0 gm protein; 69.6gm carbs; 0gm fibre (Calories in a 65gm Mars bar: 294kcal)

Have a couple

Galaxy Minstrels (a 100gm pack of small balls of milk in a crisp chocolate shell. You can put Nutty’s or Gems in this category.) 497 calories: 22.3gm fat; 5.3gm protein; 68.6gm carbohydrates; 1.1gm fibre (Calories in a 42g pack of Minstrels: 209kcal)

Twix (a 100gm pack—two sticks of chocolate with caramelcovered wafers) 494 calories; 24.1gm fat; 64.8gm carbohydrates; 4.6gm protein; 0.0gm fibre (Calories in a twin bar of Twix (100g): 306kcal)

Stick to a piece

Kit Kat Bar (a 100gm bar) 507 calories; 26.1gm fat; 5.9gm protein; 62gm carbohydrates; 0.0gm fibre (Calories in 2 Kit Kat (21gm) sticks: 106kcal)

Snickers (a 100gm bar) 501calories; 28.1gm fat; 9.3gm protein; 52.9gm carbohydrates; 0.0gm fibre (Calories in a 64.5gm Snickers bar: 323kcal)

Dairy Milk (a 100gm bar of plain chocolate) 530 calories; 29.9gm fat; 7.8gm protein; 57.1gm carbohydrates; 0.0gm fibre


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