23 May 2012

8 Things She Hates About You

              8 thins she hate about you
The biggest fight in my relationship has been replayed more times than Beyoncé's tumble in Orlando. It usually happens something like this: First, after 3 or 4 hours of silent abuse by me, my boyfriend starts to suspect something's up.

"I know you're annoyed," he says. "What did I do?"

"You didn't do anything," I say. "It's fine, whatever. I'm not annoyed."

"Just tell me."

This goes on for hours until I finally blurt it out: "You didn't introduce me when we ran into that guy you work with! And why do you need to go out to brunch with your ex?" Then I feel silly for letting such small things bother me, and we laugh and roll around on the bed and all is right again in our world.

But he raises a good point: Most of the time he has no idea of what sets me off. Which is why I've prepared this handy inventory of things men tend to do that we tend to find annoying. If you study up, you'll be able to stop repelling the women you want to meet—or aggravating the one you have. And we women can continue not telling you why we're mad, because we'll figure, "Hey, he should know already!" Besides, who said this would be fair?

You're a Mess

You're a Nag

You Use Guy Talk with Us

You're Vague

You Stop Wooing Us

You're Sloppy with Porn

You Say No to Sex

You Don't Call

By: Lisa Jones


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