25 May 2012

Prostate Cancer in Men - Must Be Taken Seriously

American Cancer Society (ACS) made a presentation regarding the Cancer Statics 2009. ACS revealed that cancer is the second most common factor of death not only in the United States of America but also all over the world in 2006. They have estimated that in USA alone in the year 2009 292,540 men and 269,800 women will die due to cancer. The leading kind of cancer for men and women is lung and bronchus cancer. Secondary kind for men is the prostate cancer while for women it is breast cancer.

1. Men who have prostate cancer urinate frequently during day and night time.

2. They see problems in starting and stopping the urinary stream. Sometimes they feel like urinating but they are not actually able to urinate. Or they are able to urinate but with flow disruption or a very weak flow. Only a very small amount of urine is released.

3. They have a weak or disruption stream. If the man with prostate problem is able to urinate or pee, he feels that his bladder is still full. Doctors call this as full bladder aesthesis.

4. They feel  torturing pain during urination or ejaculation.

5. They see blood in their semen or urine.

6. Pain is Feel by them in their lower back or pelvic region.

Another reason there has been reluctance to address the issue is that the effects of prostate cancer can be painful in an emotional and social way. Inability to create a steady stream of urine, or sometimes any urine at all, is a commonly reported problem. Also, developing erectile dysfunction has been a widely-reported effect of having prostate cancer. For men, who are so proud of, and base so much of their masculinity on these, and other related functions, having them suddenly fail to work properly can be a devastating blow to the psyche.

Eat a large bowl of flax-filled flakes

True, a bowl of Frosted Flakes would taste delicious. Still, it isn't exactly the best and healthiest of breakfast cereal. If you're looking up a fun and easy way to stop prostate cancer, go for a smart cereal which is rich in flax. And likewise, it should help if you try and substitute cow milk with soy. Just in case if you didn't know, flax as well as soy are rich in active ingredients which fight back prostate cancer.


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